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From week to week, month-to-month and year-to-year, we deal with all kinds of medical conditions.

Most of the time, those conditions require ongoing use of medications.

From topical creams and inhalers, to pills, tablets and a myriad other types of medicines, as we age our medication needs grow and as a result, so too do our medicine cabinets!

Quite often though, as we build our medicine cabinet arsenal, adding more and more over-the-counter and prescription drugs, it’s not uncommon for medication incompatibilities to occur.

The risks from taking two medications that conflict can span from minor reactions to much worse, and in the most extreme cases, even death!

So, how can you manage your medicine cabinet? We’ve got a few ideas that may help.

Start by calling Paolo or Tracey at the Medicine Shoppe and ask about something called a Medication Review.

A Medication Review or MR is a structured process, endorsed by the BC Pharmacy Association, and we offer that service to our customers.

A standard MR is easy to go through.

It begins with Paolo or Tracey scheduling a time to meet with you. When we sit down with you, we’ll review your medications and prepare what’s called a “Best Possible Medication History”.

The BPMH gives you a better understanding of all your medications, how they interact, why you’re taking them and how to take them.

It’s also a great time to ask us all those questions you may have about your medications. You may even discover that two or more of the drugs you’re taking can be combined and be covered by one single medication! Don’t forget, we do compounding, so there are lots of ways we can customize your prescription medicine!

Often, the information that comes from an MR and the care we create from it, can be shared with your own physician, getting everyone on the same page.

If, by chance we should discover any sort of medication management issue during the MR, in collaboration with you and even your physician, we can work to resolve whatever that issue might be.

We’ll also conduct MR follow-ups to be sure any medication changes you’ve made are monitored and reviewed and that any issues with your care plan are addressed and resolved.

Every medication we use has an affect on our body. Understanding and managing those medications, how they interact and keeping them current keeps us safe and maintains our health!

To find out more about medication management, call Paolo or Tracey at the Medicine Shoppe in West Kelowna today.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our medication Management Series!