Naturally, prescription medicine is the heart of any pharmacy and at the Medicine Shoppe in West Kelowna, traditional RX prescription drug and non-prescription medications are an integral part of our business.

6fc09249ddfa327c_endmedicine.jpg.xxxlargeAnd while many take prescription drug service for granted, as a team dedicated to the care and well-being of our customers, not only do we take extra care with every prescription we fill and every medication we sell, but we get to know our customers too.

It’s important, as a pharmacist, to know not just what medicine a customer is purchasing but what that customer is like, their previous medication history and even what other medications they currently have in their medicine cabinets at home.

In fact, we invite our customers to bring their medicine cabinets into us (yes, the whole cabinet! Or at least all the medications in it) so we can inventory what they have, check expiration dates, possible conflicts and get a better handle on their current medication regimen.

We’re trusted by our customers to provide them the best pharmacist care available, and as a family-owned business, we promise to deliver nothing less!

If you’d like to have your prescription transferred from another pharmacy to the Medicine Shoppe in West Kelowna, or you’d like a refill of your prescription, click here.