The Medicine Shoppe in West Kelowna is pleased to offer customized medication solutions, otherwise known in our business as compounding.

Whether a particular medication you rely on is no longer being manufactured, or the medication you currently take simply isn’t suitable for you in its current form, we can help.

Pill-bottle-spillingPaolo, Tracey and the team can create custom formulas to recreate a discontinued medication. And if you don’t like taking pills, or you simply can’t handle the taste of your prescription medication, we can often recreate a pill or tablet medicine and turn it into a liquid and sometimes even a topical cream! And yes, we can even flavour medications to hep them go down easier.

If you suffer from an illness or allergy that reacts to certain fillers, preservatives or other ingredients in your existing medication, talk to us about replacing those ingredients with ones that your system can better tolerate.

The idea of customized medications is as old as the field of apothecary itself and we’re proud to keep that tradition alive to help serve our customers better!