We’re family owned, but we’re also part of an even BIGGER, nationwide family!

pcc_0_19064200_1419011450_rWhile we pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated pharmacy, serving the needs of local residents throughout our various West Kelowna neighbourhoods, the fact is we’re also part of a nationwide network of care which comes from being a part of the Canada-wide Medicine Shoppe family. Believe it or not there are nearly 200 privately owned Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies from coat-to-coast, just like ours!

And each every aspect of each Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is designed with your health in mind. “Your Health. Our Priority” is not just a slogan to us – it’s the reason we choose to practice under the Medicine Shoppe brand.

A dedicated focus on health care products and services coupled with a warm, welcoming environment make the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy’s award winning concept the pharmacy choice of Canadians across the country!

At the West Kelowna Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, just like all Medicine Shoppes, we really do care and your health truly is our priority.

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